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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, however, to keep users from downloading our entire database which cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars, we are only allowing you to add up to 5,000 contacts to a campaign at a time. We also only allow you to export contacts the open your emails, click, reply, or unsubscribe. The reality is you don’t want all our data, just the contacts showing interest in your products and services as well as unsubscribes so you maintain can spam act compliance.

You can always add more email accounts and SMTP connections to increase your email volume.

There are several features these other sales automation applications on the market today don’t offer.



Not all sales automation platforms offer contact data other than Sales Prophet and Apollo. Granted Apollo has more complete data Sales Prophet, but we will be expanding or database soon to include over 700 million complete global contacts. The reality is when running sales automation campaigns, you only need 5 key attributes (In most cases). The most important attributes are Name, Email, Job Title, Company, Industry and Company Size.

Other companies rely on LinkedIn as their primary data source which is often littered with spam traps. Plus they require you to scrap the profiles you want to target and then they try to find that prospects contact information. This often leads to finding personal emails vs work and lots of spam traps.

Sales Prophet belongs to a data coop and our data is updated every month and includes data not found on LinkedIn. We don’t need to scrape any profiles, so our application is rather fast at searching ideal contacts.

Email Verification:

The applications above do not have an integrated email verification solution. Sales Prophet uses EmailOversight as our email verification solution. Since we give users unlimited to our data, we highly recommend you verify each list prior to use for better deliverability. We only charge .0025 an email which is about 25% of the typical cost to very an email on the market.  Our system only verified emails that haven’t been verified in the last 90 days. If we find this timeline is giving our users poor results, we may shorten the timeline to 60 day or less.

More Control:

Sales Prophet gives you more control over how your emails are sent. If you have ever tried to send a lot of email to ideal prospects you know that getting those emails delivered can be very difficult. So, we give our users the ability to connect as many email accounts they with the option to send out of email clients like G-suite, Microsoft 365, Zoho or by connecting to an SMTP provider of their choice. This allows our users to send larger volume of emails using subdomains.

Naturally you will want to be careful with large volume email sends but if you do run into deliverability issues, you can simply add a new subdomain and you are up and running. No need to buy a new platform, learn how to use that new platform and move all of your digital assets to the new platform.

Improved Deliverability:

We have given our users the ability to turn open tracking and click tracking on or off. This is a big step towards getting your emails into the inbox. One strategy is to keep tracking turn on and run several test splits (We offer A/B/C test splits on all campaigns). Remember subject lines get emails opened, body copy or offer get responses. After you run your tests, you can take the winning combination of subject lines and body copy, then turn tracking off for better deliverability and focus on reply rates vs. open and click rates.

Text-based Emails vs. HTML-based Emails

All of the sales automation platforms on the market today only give you the ability to send text emails in html format with very little images. Sales Prophet is one of the only (If not the only) platform with both sales automation and marketing automation capabilities.

The benefits are clear:

One less application to buy and learn.
We can send newsletters, mass email and sales sequences in HTML format giving your company a more professional appearance.

Or mass email engine offers advanced features like send throttling where you decide when and how emails are sent over a particular time period.

We also have a feature called auto-remail to non-openers after so many days. This feature is 100% guaranteed to increase the number of opens, clicks and responses to your campaigns. It works like this. Lets say you want to send a mass email campaign to 25,000 ideal prospects promoting a new research study you just completed. (Demand Generation campaigns are ideal for mass email).

You can schedule your campaign to send 5k emails a day for 5 days. (Spread the sends out across multiple days) and set a rule to automatically send the email again to non-openers after X number of days (User defined)

Account-based Email

Not only does Sales Prophet have one of the most sophisticated email platforms on the market, we also offer a patent pending Account-based email program.

Account-based marketing strategies have been all of rage for years now but these tactics usually require the use of expensive third party apps to manage.

Sales Prophet account-based email starts with pulling a list of ideal contacts you want to target. These prospects are usually your most high valued prospects and need to be treated as such. You don’t want to drop these high valued targets into a typical sales automaton sequence. Trust us, these prospects are being bombarded with typical sales automation messages every day.

Our account-based email gives you the ability to send a message to multiple people at the same time in the same email automatically. Simply address the email to the most senior person and copy two or three people/influencers who are generally involved in the buying or decision-making process when purchasing your products or services.

Sales Prophet makes it easy to send these powerful campaigns to your high value prospects. The results are staggering, and we have seen response rates increase as high as 500%

Web Forms

Since Sales Prophet had both Text-based and HTML based email capabilities, it only made sense to add web forms so our users can collect leads right from their website. You can create unlimited forms with Sales Prophet and drop them into any prebuilt sales or marketing sequences you like.


Most of the sales automation platforms charge you buy the number of users or email accounts you have. In some cases, they will also charge you for any data they provide buy selling you so many credits per month.

Sales Prophet data is unlimited. We also don’t charge you for adding extra users. We only charge you for adding additional email accounts and that’s only if you are not an agency partner. Agency partners can add as many users and accounts they like for one low monthly fee.

Not only is Sales Prophet cheaper than other applications on the market today, but Sales Prophet is also the perfect combination of an easy-to-use sales and marketing automation with a complete CRM for managing opportunities and tasks.