This 15-minute video will give you an overview of the Sales Prophet sales and marketing automation platform.

Searching for Contacts

This video covers how to search for your ideal prospects, add them to lists, and verify those contacts prior to adding them to a campaign.

Email Sequences

This video covers how to create text-based sales sequences using Sales Prophet. We also show you how to set up A/B/C test splits to help you identify the best subject lines to improve open rates and body copy to improve rely rates.

Mass Email & Newsletters

Sales Prophet offers a drag-n-drop email builder for creating branded HTML emails in addition to our text-based sales emails. These emails can be sent in mass or in sequences, perfect for newsletters and lead nurturing campaigns

Account-based Email

Sales Prophet’s (Patent Pending) Account-based email engine allows you to create a list of top prospects at key accounts and send one email to all the influencers involved in the buying decision in the same email (1 to many)

Adding Email Accounts

Sales Prophet has gone through all of the security audits with Google, Microsoft and PWC which allows you to add email accounts with one-click integration.

Adding SMTP Accounts

Do you need more email volume or prefer to send email using a subdomain? Sales Prophet has you covered. We have integrated with Mailgun, SparkPost and SendGrid for one click integration.

Creating Forms

Sales Prophet offers a drag-and-drop form builder for collecting leads on your website. Once a form is filled out, you can be notified and automatically drop that prospect into any email sequence of your choice.

Opportunity Management

Do you need an easy to use CRM with opportunity and task management? Sales Prophet has you covered. 

Dashboards & Reporting

Sales Prophet dashboards and reports track everything from campaign results to meetings booked, opportunities generated and sales activities.

Full-cycle sales engagement solution


Build laser-focused prospect lists with Reply Data and Chrome extensions and push contacts to a sequence.


Connect with your leads faster using AI-generated multichannel sequences.


Execute tasks, make calls, reach out on Professional network, and sync data with your CRM.


Analyze outreach results, A/B test your messages and improve team performance.