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13 Event Marketing Tips

As founder of the Integrated Marketing Summit and Demandcon, I have produced over 30 educational marketing events all over the United States including London since 2009.  Many of our sponsors did very well at our events, collecting tons of leads, while others made an awful mess out of their participation because they weren’t prepared.  That’s …

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Mass Email Marketing

There are over 4.3 billion email users worldwide in 2023! For many years now, most marketers will tell you that B2B mass email doesn’t work. They will tell you that no one wants prospecting emails and that you will only destroy your email reputation and brand by via mass email. These are the same people who have …

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Cold Email Best Practices

Cold Email Marketing is a campaign tactic used mainly by B2B sales and marketing professionals who want to automate their lead generation efforts. These campaigns use automation technologies that connect to your existing email account to send a series of text-based emails to contacts who match their ideal customer profile (ICP). The advantage of these …

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